Shopping guide in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Whether you are on a business trip or in a vacation trip in Siem Reap, there are things that you must buy as a souvenir that will remind you that once in your life you visited this wonderful country.

Here are some of the "must buys" in Siem Reap.

  1. Cambodian Silks
  2. Cambodia has a long and rich history in silk production that back more than a thousand years. A fascinating way to learn about Cambodian silk is to visit Angkor Silk Farm where travelers are allowed to have a free guide on how to produce Cambodian silks.

  3. Silver areca (betel) containers
  4. Silver areca containers are popular traditional souvenirs. It is usually shaped as animals, fruits and boxes, it was made to hold dried areca nuts. Nowadays, containers are made primarily for sale as souvenirs but still hand crafted using traditional techniques and styles.

  5. Gems
  6. Gems are perhaps one of the most things that women can't resist to buy, it's too tempting. Markets in Siem Reap are full of gems.

  7. Statues and carvings
  8. Even though we already have high technology these days, it will never replace the essence of buying statues and carvings that can be displayed in your house or in your office.

  9. Contemporary Fashion and Accessories
  10. Cambodia-based and local designers are producing a wide range of clothing and accessories that bring a modern twist to traditional Khmer designs and patterns. Shopping will never be complete without fashion and accessories. We hope we helped you a lot in deciding what souvenir to buy for your friends and family when you visit Siem Reap, Cambodia. Have fun shopping!

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